If it weren’t for the smash hit musical, entitled Hamilton, I probably would’ve never investigated this book. However, I saw an interview with Ron Chernow, where he described his early interchanges with Lin-Manuel Miranda, producer of the Broadway hit. I was extremely intrigued. Hip Hop and history? Alexander Hamilton as an urban immigrant rapper? Woah. […]

Anytime I hear of a book that features Eugene Peterson I will most likely be inclined to read it. Peterson is such an inspirational guy that upon hearing of this new project, I jumped at the chance to read it and devoured the book (hopefully not like a dragon though!).  In this work, authors Jamin Goggin […]

I love the Seattle Seahawks. There’s not a team (football, or otherwise) that’s remotely as close to my heart as the Hawks. And of my all-time favorite Seahawk players (Largent, Easley, Lynch, Chancellor), Wilson may just be my favorite. We’re not the team we are without #3. I love the guy. Not only for his crazy athleticism, but […]

Here were some of my favorite reads of 2016. Listed in no particular order. Rejoicing in Christ, by Michael Reeves. I like small books. To me, they tend to pack a greater punch. And this one did that for me. Written in a fresh style, Michael Reeves breaks it down. Why is Christ at the center […]

Just got done with a four-week study on four prayers of Paul. It was very rich. Each of these prayers were but one sentence long, but Paul sure knew how to pack a punch. And since these prayers are apart of Scripture, they are inspired by God and perfectly according to His will. And if […]

It’s autumn and the geese are flying south. Look out your window and see their V-formations. They say a whole flock can fly about 70% farther with the same amount of energy, than if each goose were to fly alone. All the birds flapping their wings provides additional lift and reduces air resistance for all. So you can […]

Do it Yourself. With the internet and Youtube one can figure out how to do just about any project around the house. Sometimes it’s kind of nice to be that self-reliant person. But, when it comes to the really important things in life, well, if we’re honest… we can really mess it up. DIY’s are not allowed.  And to […]

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